Welcome to Access Counselling & Wellbeing

Our price is $80 per 1 hour session . Counselling sessions can be face-to-face or online.
Did you know that our first consultation is FREE , that way you can make sure you are happy with our services and feel confident that our counsellor is the right match for you!

Have you ever had these thoughts about therapy?

  • Therapy doesn’t work.
  • Therapy is not for me it’s for people with serious mental health issues.
  • Talking to someone about my problems won’t help me.
  • I can fix the problem myself.
  • Once I start going to therapy, I’ll have to go forever.

Many people have had these same thoughts, but they’re not true! And worse, these misconceptions prevent people from enjoying the positive, life-changing benefits that therapy brings.

At Access Counselling and Wellbeing our goal is to create a comfortable and safe environment where we’ll work together to achieve the goals we set. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on respect, compatibility and a genuine need to help.

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