Know OurAnger Management

No doubt at one point or another everyone has felt angry at something. Anger is a good thing as it is allowing us to express negative emotions and not letting them bottle up inside. It is how we mange this anger that can cause the problems.

  • What is Anger?

    Anger is usually the resulting behaviour to a situation. It is usually likely that there is a host of other feelings such as loss, hurt, fear, sadness and helplessness, running its course leading to the anger. Just like an iceberg.

    It’s natural to feel angry, but it is when the anger is left unchecked and becomes explosive, or is repressed and comes out as sulking and nagging, then the impact becomes much more real – not just to the angry person but to those around them.

    It is OK to feel anger. It tells us that we aren’t feeling ok about what’s going on. It is what we do with this feeling that can be problematic – do we sit with it and lash out or do we use it productively to create momentum and resolve problems.

    If you feel that you are “losing it” too often, then don’t wait until it gets any worse.

  • Managing your anger

    Do you often find that you:

    • Find it difficult to control your behaviour when you are angry?
    • Have people comment on your behaviour when you’re angry?
    • Are physically violent and/or verbally abusive when you’re angry?
    • Find small issues make you angry?
    • Feel your anger is out of control?

    If you agree with any of the above questions, you may consider talking to a counsellor about how you can best manage your anger.

    What are the Benefits of Anger Management Counselling?

    You might be in doubt as to whether or not to sign up for anger management counselling, but truth be told, this therapy can benefit your well-being in the long run. This is how:

    Once you know what triggers your anger, it will be easier to address the problem and anger management counselling can do this. You’ll know what to avoid, for you not to be angry.